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Stop banging your head against the wall from your mediocre website.

Is your website failing you?

If you’re experiencing any of the following, it’s time to get some professional help:

Your potential customers can’t find you

You’re not getting enough traffic

The site is not generating leads or customers.

Your site doesn’t work correctly in desktop, mobile, or tablet

The website does not look professional

You’re missing key functionality

It’s not protected from malware

You don’t have proper social media integration

The website is not synched with your CRM

You don’t know how to update the site

You don’t know how the website is performing or how to improve it

The website is not living up to its full potential

You don’t have a website.
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Our team can address each of these and many other common issues you might be facing.

Pros are More Effective & Efficient

Even if you think you can do it yourself or have someone who can build you a cheap website - what is the true cost? We’re experts at design, programming, copywriting, SEO, photography, project management, analytics, digital marketing, and every aspect that goes into a strong website.

Are you?

Our Websites Deliver Results.

Your website is the most crucial piece of your marketing and advertising strategy. There is nothing a well-built website can’t help you achieve with your branding, marketing, advertising, recruiting, and more. Your new site will:

  • Help People Find Your Business

    The only way to get found on Google and other search engines is to do things by the book, and we’ve read the book … a few times.

  • Lead Visitors to Act

    The most important thing we’ll do is lead your visitors to take real action; like shop, call, or email you.

  • Give Your Business Creditability

    People give more trust to a business that has a quality website, especially when they can use the site to help them solve a problem or satisfy a desire.

  • Track Advertising and ROI

    Your website can help you to track return on investment and show you how people are finding you and what advertising is working and which isn’t.

  • Compete with Anyone

    If you’re good at what you do, a well-built website can help you find customers before your competitors, even larger companies with more resources.

Who Chooses You?

Maybe an unexceptional or self-built website is good enough. Maybe not getting found on Google is OK. Maybe your network is large enough not to have to worry about getting new leads. Maybe none of your competitors are even worried about future sales.

Maybe people will choose you, and maybe they won’t.

Control the odds by letting our team of pros create and nurture your most important marketing and advertising asset.

Who chooses Us?

We partner with people who want the very best for their business and are serious about their success. Choose us if that sounds like you.

  • Sapp Bros


    “We were in desperate need of a website makeover and other vendors had failed to fully engage management of each of our business lines. Studio 115 was different - they dove in headfirst and were able to interact with management in a sincere, personal manner and we love our website. I highly recommend Studio 115!”

    - Tyler Marsh | CFO

    With the help of their dedicated management team, we built and manage the Sapp Bros website and manage many of their digital marketing strategies. We also get to assist them with some of their off-web marketing and business photography from time to time - we love working with Sapp Bros!


  • Jason James


    "I could not believe how they were able to turn my thoughts into such a great site. Everything I asked for was there and they improved my concepts!”

    - Jason James | Agent

    We built Jason a site to help him reach and relate to his target demographic. The site seamlessly integrates with the MLS real estate listing service to show all the homes available in the region - just like the major firms. Jason also takes advantage of our premier hosting. Ask him if he can recall any website downtime!


  • Wahle Inc


    “I have a really great site and having Studio 115 on my team has freed me up to focus on the stuff I’m good at.”

    - Blu Wahle | Owner

    After we built Wahle a solid website we went to work helping get more traffic to the site and we’re always working to get that traffic to convert better. In addition to their website, we manage their digital and off-web advertising.


  • JTL


    “Our site is professional, attractive, and informative - everyone we’ve heard from has been impressed. I highly recommend Studio 115.”

    - Larry Marsh | Owner

    We work together with JTL to make sure their website useful to their visitors and always up to date. We also work to create engaging campaigns to get people to the website so they can get signed up to learn more.


Included in Your Studio 115 Website

Each of our premier business websites come with the following:

Intuitive Graphic Design

You’ll get an awesome looking website designed to lead users to action.


Expert Programming

Your site will perform like a cyborg in all standard desktop, mobile, and tablet browsers.



We might need some help with a few of the technical aspects of your business, but for the most part, we’ll write the copy for your website.


Built in WordPress CMS

You’ll have access to the most user-friendly and widely adopted platform available on this planet. Plus, we’ll train you how to use it. Shocking, we know.

Just because we build your site in WordPress does not mean it isn’t a custom site. This is a common misunderstanding in our industry. WordPress is a platform for template and custom sites. Nearly every site we build is custom and utilizes the WordPress platform for infrastructure. Some templates are awesome for tiny businesses. A great template can save money when professionally applied. PS - We also program non-WordPress sites.


Quality Imagery

We utilize an expansive library of quality imagery to use on your website. If you own high-quality photos, we can use those too. If needed, our professional photographer can capture the essence of your business in a photo session.


Email Campaign Integration

Do you use MailChimp or some other tool to send clients emails? We’ll make sure your site is directly linked to your campaign.


Website Extendibility

Your website is built to scale as you grow. You’ll have access to an exhaustive list of plugins and integration opportunities. This means you won’t have to rebuild your site every time you need to add some functionality.


Smart Forms

When someone submits a form on your site, we’ll send you an email, submit the form to your CRM, link it with your email campaign, or pretty much anything else you’d like to automate. There is virtually no limit to form complexity and customization.


Managed Privacy Policy

Your website is required to have a privacy policy in most circumstances. We’ll add it, and ensure it gets updated based on changing privacy laws.


Multiple Website Admins

Your website allows access for multiple users to access the beck-end of the site. You can also control users access levels if needed.


Training Provided

You’ll get initial training to show you how to use the site. Plus, if you host the site with us your hosting packing includes ongoing support.


Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics is the most powerful tracking software for your site. We’ll set up your account, link it to your new website, and test it. Plus, we’ll set up spam traffic filtering and create your first website goal for you. During your training, we’ll show you how to access and view basic reporting information.


Initial Search Engine Optimization

We’ll expertly craft the outline, headings, images, and copy on your page to engage your audience which will help to organically increase your Google ranking.

Note: A site built with SEO in mind is only the first step to dominating the search engines. Your site will also need continuous new engaging content and tweaks to the underlying code. A good website is a must, but there are aspects of SEO that only an ongoing plan can address.


G Suite Integration

G Suite is a powerful set of software from Google featuring: email, storage, and productivity tools. If you use this software, we’ll ensure it is properly integrated on the website. If you don’t have a G Suite account, we can create and manage one for you.


Website Ownership

You own both your website and all the content. This means you’re not tied to Studio 115. In theory, you could host and manage all aspects of your site - but most clients find it more cost efficient to let us manage it for them. Either way, if you end up hating us, you’re not stuck with us. It makes us sad to even think about, but you should always have an escape plan.


High Website Standards.

Hi, I’m Andy, the owner of Studio 115. I take web design personal because it is personal to me. I helped build my high school’s first website back in 1997, and I’ve been a student of the web ever since. The internet is part of who I am, and I think it’s pretty cool that a few of our projects are part of it.

My team and I are formally trained in each of the disciplines needed to build great websites and help our customers reach and engage their audience. We partner with clients who know average is just not going to cut it for themselves or their web presence. How can we help you grow?

Let's chat

More than a
Sales Tool.

Your site can do more than just sell and create leads. You can also use it to:

  • Better Communicate with current customers

  • Build relationships with clients

  • Share recent projects to create loyalty and brand pride

  • Recruit new talent to join your team

  • Track your advertising successes and failures

  • Integrate a CRM for more complex interactions and tracking

  • ...And so much more!

Website Hosting Management.

$500 Value

Small business? For a limited time get your first year of our premier small business hosting and maintenance package with your new website absolutely free. No action required! Our hosting management comes with way more than hosting. Here are the highlights:

  • Served on Lightning Fast Solid-State Drives

  • Unlimited Size for Approved Sites

  • Up to 1 TB Bandwidth per Month (plus, no overages)

  • Extensive Monitoring & Backup Plans

  • SSL Certificate Included

  • Malware Protection & Recovery

  • Technical Maintenance and Updates

When we host your site, it will feature ongoing technical updates and maintenance. A high-quality build paired with our hosting and maintenance package will keep your site healthy for years to come.

Small business hosting and maintenance is $500 annual. Some restrictions apply to qualify for small business hosting. Not a small business? No Problem! We’ll credit your account $500 for any other ongoing hosting or service package with a new website for a limited time.

Please note that technical support differs from marketing support in that these items pertain only to the technical aspects of your site.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We won’t publish your site until you’re happy with the design and functionality. Our process has key stages of approval to make sure you love your new site. We can’t move forward until you give the go ahead!

Amazing Site. Amazing Service.

When you ask us to create your website you’re getting a dedication to building a quality site that you can count on. We’re a devoted team of experts and we'll turn your website into a powerful tool that can anchor all your sales and advertising for years to come - Paired with our premier hosting package (FREE 1st year for SMB for a limited time!) you won’t have to worry about any of the technical or maintenance aspects of your website.

Don’t think you can afford it?

Our clients who track website performance have found the cost of our site is typically paid for in 3-6 months. That’s because we build our sites around our client’s goals and make sure their customers are engaged and want to take the next step on the site.

While it is impossible to predict your cost before a short discussion and some research, we’re committed to providing you the best value for your money. Book time now for your free consultation, and we’ll have a no obligation, custom proposal ready for you in just a few days.

Book an Appointment with our Experts

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Studio 115 is based in Omaha, NE and we primarily serve clients in Nebraska and Iowa. While we love meeting our clients in person, we have clients all throughout the world! We utilize modern video chat and other tools to maintain our personal level of service so get in touch today to find out how we can serve you.

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